Terminator Blackjack

Terminator Blackjack LogoAs well as having a rather witty tagline, “I’ll be blackjack”, Terminator Blackjack comes with a couple of side bets and a very dramatic looking game table and interface.

It is another of Win Studio’s creations and it has a broad betting range of between 10p per hand and £1,000 per hand.

As well as the side bets the game allows all of the normal features such as splitting, doubling and insurance, and 8 decks are used for each round with each new game resetting the shoe, so card counting is not possible.

Game Rules & Overview

Terminator Blackjack

You will see immediately that Terminator Blackjack looks very different to a regular blackjack table, although most of this is just theming – the nuts and bolts are very much what you will already be used to.

You can play up to 5 hands per round using the following basic game rules:

  • Dealer draws to 16, stands on 17.
  • Player can only split once.
  • Split Aces will only draw one card.
  • Doubling after splitting is allowed.
  • Dealer will never check for blackjack.
  • Blackjack beats 21.

This version of the game also contains the Evens rule, which allows you to take a 1:1 payout for blackjack instead of 3:2 if the dealer’s up card is an Ace and thus end the game early, protecting you from the dealer also having blackjack which would result in a push.

Side Bets

The two main side bets are Perfect Pairs and 21+3, but you can also place a bet on the Dealer’s Pair using the area of the board highlighted below.

Terminator Blackjack

The side bets can be placed at any position on the table in which you have made a regular bet, but you do not have to use the side bets if you don’t want to.

Perfect Pairs

This side bet can be applied to your hand or the dealer’s, and pays out only on the first two cards drawn as follows:

Outcome Payout
Any Pair 6:1
Same Colour Pair 12:1
Perfect Pair (same suite) 25:1


This side bet takes into account both the player’s cards and the dealer’s. If when combined they create certain hands you will be paid out as below:

Outcome Payout
Flush 5:1
Straight 10:1
3 of a Kind 30:1
Straight Flush 40:1
Suited 3 of a Kind 1000:1


The overall theoretical return to player percentage here is 99.49%.

This takes into account all of the rules for this specific variation of the game and assumes the player is using a perfect strategy. If not it could be a lot lower.

Each side bet has its own RTP too, with Perfect Pairs settling at 95.91% and the 21+3 side bet coming in a little higher at 96.29%.