Blazing 7’s Blackjack

Blazing 7s Blackjack LogoBlazing 7’s Blackjack is another title by SG Digital (Scientific Games) and it runs on an RNG engine so players can play at their own pace. They haven’t messed around with the rules too much so everything rests on the side bet in terms of what’s changed.

It is played with 6 decks that are shuffled between each hand, and the minimum bet on both the base game and the Blazing 7s side bet is just 10p.

The maximum bet is £100 on each hand and side bet, while the max base game win is £750 per hand.

Gameplay and Rules

Blazing 7s Blackjack Deal

Anyone who has played blackjack before won’t find anything new to contend with in the base game of Blazing 7’s.

The game is played with up to 3 hands at a time but the player can choose to only play one or two if they prefer.

Rules are:

  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Splitting only allowed once
  • Doubling after splitting allowed
  • Split aces draw one more card only
  • Blackjack pays at 3:2
  • Dealer doesn’t check for blackjack

It is possible to surrender in this game too, which will return half of your stake and end the game early.

Blazing 7’s Side Bet

Blazing 7s Blackjack Side Bet

Essentially, being dealt 7s is the way to win this side bet. To make the bet, simply place a chip on the betting area marked ‘777’ like we have done in the image above, highlighted with a yellow arrow.

A single 7 will see you paid out, but if you get two or the dealer also has a 7 you will get paid out a higher amount. This increases again if the cards are the same colour or suit.

The exact payouts can be seen in the table below:

Outcome Payout
Either of first 2 cards a 7 5:1
First 2 cards both 7s 35:1
First 2 cards and dealers up card a 7 77:1
As above and all cards same colour 350:1
As above and all cards same suit 777:1

The side bet is optional so the player can use it on all three hands, on a single hand, or on none of them. However, there must be a chip on the corresponding betting area for any 7s dealt to pay out, and the side bet can only be played alongside a bet on the base game.

If the player loses the hand the side bet will still pay out if 7s have been dealt, so it is possible for the dealer to win and for the player to profit nevertheless.

For example, if the player is dealt two 7s for a hand of 14, then hits and gets a 10, their hand is bust so they lose their bet, but their Blazing 7s side bet would pay out at 35:1.


Often when a blackjack variant gives players extra ways to win, or to win more, the base game RTP takes a hit.

That isn’t really the case here, with an expected theoretical return to player percentage of 99.33% in the base game.

The Blazing 7’s side bet is a little lower at 95.92% and the insurance bet is lower still at 92.60%, but taking insurance isn’t generally advisable in any version of the game.