In this section you’ll find an index of all of the blackjack games that are available on the web, along with detailed descriptions, history and stats.

Game Software RTP Features & Notes
Classic Blackjack with Sweetheart 16 Switch Studios 98.44% Classic blackjack with a side bet that pays out on initial hand totals of 16, with the exact payout depending on the card combination.
Eclipse Blackjack OnAir Entertainment 95.44% An oddly named live casino blackjack variation with five different side bets offering much larger potential payouts than the base game.
Classic Blackjack with Noble Diamonds Switch Studios 97.44% A classic version of blackjack with one of the rarer side bets included, called Noble Diamonds, offering up to 2000x for the best hand.
Vinnie Jones Blackjack Real Dealer Studios 99.51% Bog standard blackjack with a famous VIP dealer, plus the 21+3 side bet tied in. Vinnie talks to the player via pre-recorded segments throughout the game. RTP of 99.51%.
Lucky Cat Blackjack Genesis Gaming 97.00% A fun variation of 8 deck blackjack which incorporates a lucky dice game in situations where the dealer busts with 22.
Blackjack 250k Pro Win Studios 99.49% This game variation uses 8 decks and comes with a side bet that pays out growing multiplier amounts for each consecutive blackjack that is dealt.
Rainbow Blackjack Realistic Games 99.59% Blackjack with a side bet that pays out if special coloured cards are dealt. Each colour has a different multiplier value, which enhanced payouts if two coloured cards are dealt.
Back Blackjack Golden Rock Studios 98.43% Regular blackjack with a side bet that potentially increases in value up to 264x the stake, with the multiplier amount decided by rolling of 3 dice.
Lightning Blackjack Evolution Gaming 99.56% Complicated live game with additional fees, where multipliers are awarded after winning hands to be used in the next round of betting.
Cashback Blackjack Playtech 99.55% Along with the pairs and 21+3 side bets, players can take a cashback amount on a hand if they want to end the round early and move on to the next.
Perfect Blackjack Playtech 99.58% Fairly standard yet favourable base game, with pairs based side bets on both the dealer's and the player's hands. Highest payout is 25:1.
Blackjack Early Payout Visionary iGaming 99.5% Soften the blows of a bad hand and mitigate risk when dealt a strong hand by taking an early payout. Plus Rummy and Pairs side bets.
Blazing 7's Blackjack Scientific Games 99.33% Blackjack with a side bet where 7's in the initial deal pay out at increasingly higher rates.
Super Fun 21 Scientific Games 98.71% A few extra rules and slightly higher payouts on certain winning hands plus a side bet that pays 250:1
Blackjack Party Evolution Gaming 99.39% A standard game given a social twist with two dealers who endeavour to create a heightened atmosphere. 2 side bets.
Live Sette e Mezzo Playtech 99.31% This live dealer game uses different rules to its RNG counterpart, but the aim of the game is still to get as close to 7 1/2 as possible.
7 e Mezzo Playtech 99.54% A game with the same basic structure as blackjack, but with a target hand total of 7 1/2, a wild card, and a few different rules.
Blackjack Surrender Playtech 99.66% Las Vegas Strip rules with the option to end the bet early if you don't like your hand, returning half of your stake.
All Bets Blackjack Playtech 99.58% More side bets than any other blackjack variation and a progressive jackpot too. The base game uses standard rules and payouts.
Frankie Dettori's Magic 7 Blackjack Playtech 99.58% A very unusual twist on blackjack which sees trophies collected across multiple hands and a potential 7,777x maximum win.
Quantum Blackjack Playtech 99.47% Live variation using an automatic shuffling machine and throwing multipliers into the mix on randomly selected cards.
Majority Rules Speed Blackjack Playtech 99.54% A game where each decision is voted on and thus made collectively by all players. Two side bets are also included; Player Pairs and 21+3.
Hi Lo Blackjack Realistic Games 99.59% Six decks are used and the simple side bet involves predicting whether the 2nd card will be higher or lower than the 1st.
Power Blackjack Evolution Gaming 98.80% Variation with many levels, including 4 side bets and the ability to double, triple, or quadruple down.
Terminator Blackjack Win Studios 99.49% Includes the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets & a strong theme based on the movie franchise. The Terminator element is merely visual, it does not change the game.
Deal or No Deal Blackjack Red Tiger 99.33% Following the same idea as the TV show, the player is offered a deal by the banker after their cards have been dealt which they can accept or decline.
Blackjack Fortune Spinner Win Studios 99.49% A side bet that offers the chance to significantly reward blackjack hands by adding a multiplier to the stake.
Blackjack Xchange Slingo Originals 99.68% Interesting variation which allows players to buy new cards to improve their hand or sell strong hands to lock in profit.
Lucky Lucky Playtech 99.58% Regular blackjack with a side bet that takes both your cards and the dealer's into consideration for payouts up to 200:1.
Buster Blackjack Playtech 99.58% Higher than average RTP of 99.58% (house edge 0.42%) plus a side bet that pays out increasing amounts when the dealer goes bust.
Free Chip Blackjack Playtech 99.23% 3 different side bets with 3 different RTPs, plus a base game free chip feature.
Blackjack Switch Playtech 97.92% Play two hands at once and switch your top two cards between hands to create stronger winning possibilities.
Zappit Blackjack Scientific Games 98.87% Zap away those annoying 15, 16, and 17 draws for a brand new hand, but blackjack payouts afterwards are smaller.

Note that not all games will be available to players from all countries.