BlackjackAs one of the most popular table games, blackjack is a staple of any good casino. On the surface the game is very simple and one that most people are familiar with – try to get as close as you can to 21 without busting and hopefully beat the dealer – but there are plenty of experts who would have you believe otherwise. From advanced strategy to card counting and professional tournaments, there’s much more to this wonderful game than just ‘hit’ or ‘stand’.

On this site we cover everything from the most basic question of where can you play blackjack online, though to the more complex topics on how you can reduce the house edge and, hopefully, come out winner.

Types of Blackjack You Can Find Online

RNG (Random Number Generator)

If you’re playing online and you can’t see a physical dealer in front of you, then chances are you’re playing some for of RNG blackjack. Here the cards are generated by a computer randomly, much like they are when playing solitaire on your computer instead of working. Except to military grade precision.

But can it be trusted?

A common concern among new online blackjack players is whether or not an RNG can be trusted, or can it be manipulated by the casino to make you lose. Something that even the least like conspiracy theorists have considered after losing to the third dealer blackjack in a row.

Thankfully these games can totally be trusted, assuming you’re playing at a reputable casino. We can’t speak for all sites, just like we can’t guarantee all land based casinos haven’t stacked the deck somehow, but if you play at a licensed casino that uses a trustworthy software provider then the games aren’t just fair, they’re audited to make sure nothing fishy is going on.

What do you mean by software?

Most casinos don’t build their own games and instead they license them from specialist companies. These companies supply games to hundreds of casinos around the world which makes it cheaper for all involved thanks to the economies of scale. As an independent provider of the games, it also adds a layer of accountability to the casino, particularly if it’s a new site nobody has heard of before.

Furthermore, the game itself takes place on the software providers servers, not those of the casino. This means that even if they casino wanted to try and cheat the game, they couldn’t as they don’t have access.

Live Blackjack

For some people, no matter how hard we try to convince them that the random number generators are fair, they’re not going to listen.  So for them a new version was created called Live Dealer Blackjack.

Here instead of a computer generating the deck, real cards are used and shuffled in front of your eyes and dealt out by an actual human. The game is streamed to your computer from a studio whilst you can also chat to the dealer and see what the other players are doing.

Live Dealer Blackjack

On top of the random v not-random concerns, many players prefer live blackjack as it introduces a more social experience when playing at home. You can even choose your game based on the specific dealer if you have a favourite.

Blackjack Games

There are actually a number of different blackjack games you can play online, ranging from the more traditional through to the wonderfully quirky – such as Face Up 21, where both of the dealers cards are visible at all times, and Zappit, where a hard 15 or 16 against a dealer 17 or more can be ‘zapped’ and replaced with two new cards.

Each version has it’s own set of modified rules, so make sure you read them carefully before starting – otherwise you could lose out to a dealer 22 and not have a clue what just happened.

We cover all of the unique games available online in our games section, with some of them also available to play directly on the site in demo mode.

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