Blackjack Fortune Spinner

Blackjack Fortune Spinner LogoThis is a fairly regular version of blackjack played with 8 decks in which the player can choose to play up to 3 hands per game.

What makes it unique is the Fortune Spinner side bet that comes into effect if and when the player is dealt blackjack.

The game is developed by Win Studios and runs on an RNG, which means that all of the outcomes are randomly generated by the game’s inbuilt number generator.

Rules to Note

Blackjack Fortune Spinner Table

Before explaining the Fortune Spinner side bet, let’s quickly run through any key rules of the base game:

  • Dealer draws to 16, stands on 17
  • Dealer will not check for blackjack
  • Player cannot split a split hand
  • Only one card drawn to split aces
  • Ace and 10 point card count as 21 after a split, not blackjack
  • Blackjack beats 21

As well as these rules, the Even Money rule is introduced to this game.

This only comes up if the player has blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an Ace. In this situation, the player can opt to take even money, so 1:1, instead of the 3:2 payout a winning blackjack hand would give. This reduced payout is in exchange for the dealer not revealing their second card (which might also give them blackjack resulting in a push), thus guaranteeing the player a profit.

Fortune Spinner Side Bet

Blackjack Fortune Spinner Side BetThis side bet is available on any position at the table providing you have a regular bet on that position as well.

The fortune wheel is located towards the top left of the table and will only be triggered if the player gets blackjack.

The wheel will spin, eventually coming to rest on anything between 5x and 1000x, nd this multiplier will then be applied to your side bet stake.

Remember, the stake you have on your hand (the regular stake) is not what is being multiplied; so if you had a £10 stake on the game and a £5 stake on the Fortune Spinner side bet, the multiplier would only be applied to the £5 stake.

You can bet as much or as little as you like on the side bet, or ignore it completely, there is no obligation either way.


With all the various rules specific to this version of the game taken into account, the theoretical return to player percentage for Blackjack Fortune Spinner is 99.49%, assuming you play a perfect strategy.

There is a significant advantage to the casino when looking at the side bet, however, which comes with an RTP of just 94.14%, giving the house an edge of 5.86%.