Hi Lo Blackjack

Hi Lo Blackjack LogoThis is a regular blackjack variant with a very simple side game attached, all run on an RNG engine so the player can take things at their own pace.

The game is played using just 6 decks, and five hands are available to play per round with a minimum bet of £1 and a maximum bet of £500.

Standard rules are in place.

Regular features like doubling, splitting and insurance are all available and are not affected by the hi lo side bet.

Playing the Game

Hi Lo Blackjack

There is nothing out of the ordinary regarding the base game and everything should look just the way it normally does, but nevertheless, the rules in play are as follows:

  • Dealer stands on all 17s
  • No re-splits
  • Split Aces receive one more card only
  • No doubling on split Aces
  • Can double on all other splits
  • Enhanced Blackjack payout not available on split Aces

Evens is also offered in situations where the player has blackjack and the dealer’s up card is an Ace. This ends the game without the dealer’s hand being revealed, thus eliminating the chance of the dealer’s hand also being blackjack.

However, the cost for this reduced risk is a lower payout of 1:1 rather than he usual 3:2.

Hi Lo Side Bet

Hi Lo Blackjack Side Bet

This bet must be placed before your hand is dealt, and involves the player guessing whether their second card will be higher or lower in value than their first.

This means that the player is not basing their decision on the strength of the first card as they are unable to see it before they make the bet.

In our example image above we chose ‘hi’, but as our first card was a 7 the 4 that came after it lost us the side bet which is why the ‘hi’ is marked with an x.

The payout for a winning hi lo bet is a simple 1:1.

There is no obligation to use the side bet but a regular bet must be placed on the game before a side bet is made.


For the base game the theoretical return to player percentage is 99.59% assuming the player uses an optimal strategy when it comes to doubling, splitting, hitting and standing.

When playing the side bet the RTP is a little less attractive, standing at 97.92%.