Lucky Lucky

Lucky Lucky LogoAnother RNG based game by software developer Playtech, Lucky Lucky is effectively regular blackjack with a new and interesting side bet.

The side bet takes into account the first card the dealer is dealt and the first two cards the player is dealt, which means that it will be settled before each hand is finished so it is possible to win the side bet and then go on to lose your hand.

The base game isn’t too different to normal, but have a quick look at the rules below to get a good overview.

Lucky Lucky Rules

The player has the ability to play up to 5 hands (and side bets) at the same time in this game, although the choice is theirs as to how many they choose.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack

You can choose to split, double, and take insurance as you would normally be able to do although you cannot split a hand that has already been split.

Other rules are as follows:

  • Only 1 card is drawn to each Ace in a split hand
  • Dealer always draws to 16
  • Dealer always stands on 17 or greater, including a soft 17
  • Dealer does not draw if player is bust
  • If dealer’s first card is Ace and the player doubles, then the dealer gets blackjack, both bets are lost.
  • If the dealer’s first card is value 10 and the player doubles, then the dealer gets blackjack, the doubled bet is returned

The 10 Card Charlie rule applies to this game as well, so if the player draws ten cards and is still not bust, it is an automatic win unless the dealer has blackjack. This applies to all hands.

Lucky Lucky Side Bet

You can opt to place a side bet on any of the five hands you are playing, but you are not obligated to use it at all if you don’t want to.

Bets are placed on the area highlighted in the picture below:

Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Once a side bet is placed, you need the first two cards dealt in that hand and the first card dealt in the dealer’s hand to create one of the combinations listed in the table below, in order to receive the corresponding payout:

Combination Payout
Any 19 2:1
Any 20 2:1
Unsuited 21 3:1
Suited 21 15:1
Unsuited 678 25:1
Unsuited 777 50:1
Suited 678 100:1
Suited 777 200:1

You can only win this side bet if you have placed a chip in the Lucky Lucky area as well as betting on your hand.


With everything taken into account the theoretical return to player percentage for Lucky Lucky Blackjack is 99.58% assuming an optimal strategy is used.

When considering solely the side bet, the RTP comes in at 96.05%.